Thursday, May 21, 2015

Just Keep Running - 20 Weeks and Counting

Monday night before our running club meeting another runner asked me what I was training for.  With hesitation I mentioned the Arkansas Traveller.  I didn't mention the "100" part.  Her next question was about the distance.  I, with timidity, offered "100 miles".
Upon saying out loud that distance I thought of how insane such an idea was, crazy, stupid, impossible, who the hell am I, the slowest of the slow, to think I can run 100 in the allotted time.
I remembered what another ultra runner, Rich Brown, told me about shutting down, shutting off, that voice!

This is week 5 of training.  I have hit every mile! I have consistently done weight training since Feb.  I am now consistently doing ab/core work.  This week the goal is to use the inversion table and power lung daily.  I have lost 30 lbs and still wisely losing.  I have 6 years of ultra training experience.  I have amazing mentors and friends to advise me. That negative voice in my head is the opposition to the goal.  I'm telling that voice to go pound sand.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

24 weeks to Arkansas Traveller 100 - Journey to 100

April Fool's Day, April 1, 2015 while hiking/running/migrating at Lercher 15 Trails the decision was made.  My goal for some years was to run the Arkansas Traveller before I'm 50 years old.  That means I have to do it this year.
So while injured, having not run more than 12 miles since Jan 21st, having dropped out of the last 3 races I've entered, I came home from a trail adventure and entered the Arkansas Traveller 100, on April Fool's Day.  Some fool I am!

Yesterday while writing out the training schedule in my training log I realized this week was the first week of the 24 week training plan.  So this is week one on this journey, 23 weeks to go after Saturday.

I'm not running much so Tuesday I drug a tire 4 miles.
Wednesday I ran/walked 10 miles, taking it easy, finished with no ill effect.

Happy Training!  

Friday, February 20, 2015

Bones, Muscles, & Everything Else - Runner not Running

What a winter it has been, a sad winter

Its been a hit and miss year of not running.  What is a girl to do.
I only moved 130 miles in January, about half of them walking.  February is worse.  I may be able to get 80 miles in 95% walking.

Everything is connected.  Last winter my back went out making for an early winter of walking miles.  Things were just getting better, mileage increasing, hitting the trails, all going well.

A number of things may be the culprit, toes, back, old shoes, but life has been pain and an adventure in walking.

January 6, 2015 had my big toenail on each foot permanently removed.  That went very well.  I was still able to put in a 38 mile week.

I cut the toe box out of an old pair of shoes to be able to run while my toes healed.  A few days after that my left knee started hurting, then my right hip, then my right hip flexor, then my right butt cheek.  Its not a pain to just muscle through.  The leg will just quit moving if I try to run.
After seeking chiropractic help I found out my back/hips/pelvis is still out of alignment as it was last winter when it caused the back spasms.  Walking is slow and sometimes painful.  Running is out of the question.  

I've dropped out of Sylamore Trail 50K.  Little Rock Marathon will be a DNS.

How long will this take to heal, who knows.

Being proactive:

Lost 10 lbs this year thus far
Daily strength workouts, core, legs, arms
Daily foam roller and ball roller
Now I have started doing interval work on the bike

I won't have the miles on my legs, but my core will be stronger and I will weigh less.

What the rest of the year has to bring is yet to be seen.  I hope it involves running.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

We have a running club! We have a running club!

We have a running club!  We have a running club! 

Searcy Rush Running Club 

Join Here

December 2014 - Year End Numbers

Walk Walk Walk Walk, that has been the month!

Thanks to an  inversion table
Massage Me
White County Chiropractic

Mid December the decission was made to at least walk Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon in Little Rock, Dec 27, 2014.  Running might be out, but with the early start I could walk 26.2.

This race starts at Two River's Bridge, routed east to and over the Big Dam Bridge, east again to and over the Clinton Library Bridge, then back to the start area.  From there a bit over 6 miles is still lacking.  The route goes over Two River's Bridge back into that area (I'm unsure of what that area is called).  The mileage is finished up back in that park ending at the finish area in the parking lot of the Two River's Bridge.  There is an aid station about every mile.  Even from early AM there was encouragement and smiling faces.

Running did happen :)  I did a run walk, run 1 minute/walk 30 seconds, slow and easy so very slow and easy.
Photo Courtesy of Arkansas Outside

When one babies the back to get better one also ends up babying the core.  At mile 20ish, my core decided to get even.  There was just nothing left to give.  It was challenging because walking was impossible as was running because of the opposing muscles not cooperating.

26.2 is hard, it is always hard.  We enter a marathon knowing it will hurt.  This time around, even though it hurt, I was able to keep my head in a good place.  When things started falling apart I told myself I knew how this feels and I have lived through it.  Its okay!  This mindset was a huge asset to getting though this in good spirits.  Normally by late race I am wondering why the hell I'm doing this!  I think I'm just not going to do this again, but I'm going to throw away my shoes and never run again!  This plan doesn't work out very well as the next marathon is already entered.

I give this race 2 thumbs up then 2 thumbs up again.  This would make a fabulous 1st marathon.  No hills to speak of other than the bridges, lots and lots of aid and encouragement.

2014 in Review

Miles run or walked = 1411

Not enough running, not enough core work.  If I'm going to achieve my goals I have to stop doing what hasn't been working, and do something differnt.  More running, as in more of my mileage from running instead of walking (this is injury dependent) More core work.   More strength training.

Lets bring on 2015

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sunset Park 6/12/24 Hour Run.... Or, what was I thinking, I wasn't.

I love this run!
It starts on Black Friday, nothing better to do than avoid crowds and hang out with the running family.

Here are my results from the last 3 years.

2011 - 50.75 miles
2012 - 62.93 miles
2013 - 21.31 miles

2013 I didn't have a goal and performed as such.

2014 is in question.  Two weeks ago I tweaked my back, lower left side.  Its still acting up.  Yesterday felt quite a bit better.  Today (27, Nov 2014) it has been screaming all day long.  I will just have to wait and see how it feels tomorrow.  I do have a goal.  I'll tell about it after the run.

The question of 2014 is answered.  On Nov 11, 2014 I did my first CrossFit workout with Team RWB WOD with Warriors to raise money for our warriors.  I maxed out on what I could do.  No problem, but muscles very sore.  All is good.  Monday 17, 2014 dog problems, not my dog.  So this meant fence repair.  Strained something during fence repair, oh no!  
By Tuesday I could hardly move.  Wednesday meant a trip to the chiropractor, not much spine movement, things getting worse.
Thursday I was still sore, but not as sore as I had been.  I went to walk as far as I thought okay.  If I stopped having fun I was going to stop.

My spirits were very good!  Last year my body was okay, my spirit was down.  This year it was the other way around.   I walked a marathon then decided to go home.  I was having to stop every few laps and stretch, yoga, foam roller just to make the next few laps.  That told me it was time to go home.

Now its Dec 8, 2014.  I haven't run a step since.  The most I have traveled in any one day is 4 miles at a very slow walk.  
Chris purchased an inversion table for me.  It has done wonders.  I can manage the day now.  Some parts of the day are even pain free.

I am on the mend.  I hope to be able to walk The 3 Bridges Marathon on Saturday 27th.  We will see.  I won't walk it if the pain is bad or if I'm tight.

What adventures to be found in running.